Executive Charter

Executive Charter2021-04-08T12:59:13-07:00

Seair Seaplanes provides service to any location in BC that you and your business colleagues need to travel to.

Seair Seaplanes provides executive-class travel in all of its planes. Air-to-ground telephones and headsets for all passengers to stay in contact with the pilot are just two of the progressive features of Seair’s modern fleet of float planes. All seats are leather and can be configured in just about any way that can be imagined.

One unique configuration is the Club Seat arrangement with custom-designed seats that swivel and recline and are fully adjustable while facing a fold-out table specially made of Birdseye Maple.

Seair Seaplanes prides itself in our reputation for outstanding professionalism and reliability. Your time is valuable and this is something that Seair Seaplanes knows very well. Call us today to reserve your place on our Executive Service flights.

Booking your executive charter is as simple as calling us at 1-800-447-3247.