Seair Seaplanes Accessibility Plan

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Seair Seaplanes aims to offer a safe and respectful experience for all people with disabilities, ensuring everyone can participate equally. We are dedicated to finding and eliminating barriers that might hinder accessibility in our services, communications, and surroundings.

To develop this plan and identify potential barriers, Seair Seaplanes has consulted with employees from various departments and community members with expertise in accessible transportation.

At Seair Seaplanes, we are eager to hear your thoughts on accessibility. Our goal is to inform our teams with the knowledge they need to make our services more accessible. The Safety Officer is designated to collect feedback on behalf of the company. Our Safety Advisory Group will also process this feedback and they will involve other departments, if needed, based on what you share. We keep all accessibility-related feedback in our internal system for seven years. We will respond to all feedback unless it is anonymous.

You can access our Accessibility Plan directly from our website. Please use the contact information below to share your thoughts or request a different format (hard copy, large print and others can be made available) and we will respond with a solution using this timeline:

Print, large print, or an electronic format that is compatible with adaptive technology that is intended to assist persons with disabilities: 20 days after the day the request was received

Braille or audio format: 45 days after the day the request was received.

Mailing Address:
Safety Officer
4640 Inglis Drive
Richmond, BC
V7B 1W4

Information & Communication Technologies (ICT)

Seair Seaplanes is dedicated to ensuring that our website and email communication is user-friendly for everyone, including those who use adaptive technologies. We centralize our documents in accessible PDF formats on the website and alternative formats may be requested by email, phone, mail or in person at any of our bases. We strive to continuously improve our communication methods, with a specific interest in identifying and addressing any barriers in our technology.

Communication, other than ICT

At Seair Seaplanes, we adhere to the highest standards when it comes to assisting individuals with disabilities throughout their travel journey. Each member of our team undergoes regular accessibility-based training to ensure they provide informed, respectful, and accessible service to everyone, including those with disabilities.

Procurement of Goods, Services & Facilities

Seair Seaplanes has consulted with the Rick Hansen Foundation and third-party manufacturers to develop and improve a seaplane wheelchair lift to aid in safe entry and exit for all passengers. Seair has consulted people with disabilities to ensure our terminal facilities provide a barrier-free environment, giving access to all people. By incorporating universal design principles, we continually seek out innovative ways to identify and improve our services and facilities so they are accessible to all people.

Design & Delivery of Programs & Services

All staff at Seair Seaplanes must complete Disability Awareness online training. Our main goal at Seair is to make sure that everything we do is safe, efficient and consistent, including ensuring our staff is working together to create an accessible environment for all people. We will continue to monitor our training and make necessary changes—if required—as technology evolves.

The Built Environment

Seair is committed to making seaplane travel easily accessible for all our guests. Our standard is to make best efforts to provide seamless travel.

Seair Seaplanes is the first seaplane company to offer passengers a wheelchair lift service, to allow for safe entry and exit into our seaplanes and with minimal assistance. The wheelchair lift is available at our Nanaimo and Richmond/YVR and Downtown Vancouver locations, with more locations to follow.

In addition to our complimentary wheelchair lift, Seair also has aircraft boarding ramps and may provide wheelchair service at our 3 main seaplane terminal locations. We encourage any guests with mobility concerns to speak to one of our agents for more information on how we can assist with your seaplane travel.


Seair Seaplanes has agreements the YVR South Terminal courtesy shuttle and with the local taxi company to provide accessible transportation to and from our main Richmond terminal. Our Nanaimo base has a good working relationship with the local taxi company and each of our main bases has an accessible drop-off space for vehicles, providing close proximity to the check-in terminals. We might require advance notice to meet passenger needs effectively, and we always strive to accommodate requests, even if notice is not provided in advance.

Provisions of CTA Accessibility-Related Regulations

As a federally regulated air carrier, Seair Seaplanes adheres to the Accessible Transportation for Persons with Disabilities Regulations (ATPDR) governed by the Canadian Transportation Agency. These regulations aim to eliminate barriers for individuals with disabilities.

To oversee the progress of our Accessibility Plan, Seair Seaplanes has an established Safety Advisory Group (SAG). This group of employees is responsible for discussing action items outlined in the plan, reviewing public feedback, and generating ideas to enhance accessibility within each department within the company.


Seair Seaplanes has consulted with various third-party foundations that champion accessibility for people who have disabilities traveling by seaplane to make it safe and efficient for all people. Seair has also consulted people with various disabilities to audit every aspect of the flight from booking options, to the terminal environment, and the boarding and duration of the flight departing and arriving at each of our main bases.

Seair is committed to continue these consultations and adapt as necessary in an effort to pursue an accessible environment for all people.