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Your flight includes…

  • Free parking at Nanaimo & Richmond. Complimentary days will vary depending on fare type purchased.
  • Free shuttle in Richmond to Vancouver International Airport YVR (Main Terminal).
  • Free select seating for all bookings.
  • Free coffee/newspapers/Wi-Fi at our terminals.
  • Free baggage allowance varies with each fare tier for scheduled flight bookings. Additional baggage charges may apply for all fare tiers. Unlimited baggage allowance on charter bookings.
  • Free baggage and freight storage available at Seair terminals.

There is no greater comfort than

flying Safe & Sound

This technically advanced aircraft has a modern interior that comprises a Garmin G1000 glass cockpit integrated avionics system.

This arrangement includes the following safety features:

  • Traffic Information System which is designed to help pilots detect and avoid aircraft intersecting their flight paths is capable of displaying up to 8 different objects.
  • Terrain Awareness System that provides visual and aural annunciations when terrain and obstacles are within the given altitude threshold from the aircraft.
  • Synthetic Vision: through position sensors on the aircraft, integrate with a high resolution terrain database to present synthetic terrain imagery on the Primary Flight Display. Flight information is overlaid to provide greater safety and situational awareness.
  • All of the above, combined with audio and visual cues to the pilot, replace the old analog round flight instruments.

Enjoy Comfort, Speed &
State-of-the Art Seaplane Safety

Seair Seaplanes is the world’s largest operator of float equipped Cessna Caravans.
Every plane is ordered factory new, directly from the Cessna Aircraft Company.

Cessna Caravan Advantages:

  • Caravans are 45 years newer than older model seaplanes.
  • Caravans are 35% faster than older model seaplanes.
  • Caravans are 30% quieter than older model seaplanes.
  • Specialty interior features of the Cessna Caravans include, spacious leather seating, air conditioning, reading lights, air vents and shoulder harnesses for all passengers.