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Chatterbox Falls Excursion


This one in a lifetime tour takes you to see one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country, Chatterbox Falls. This remote waterfall is carved into the Sunshine Coast and at the end of the Princess Louisa Inlet making it a spectacular journey to get there. Along the way you’ll fly low-level along the Sunshine Coast and over the Skookumchuck Rapids. Soar through Princess Louisa Inlet surrounded by glacier-capped mountains and shear rock cliffs that plunge straight into the water. Touch down at the beautiful Chatterbox Falls where the water tumbling down 120 feet creates a sparkling mist. Walk along the boardwalk and the viewing platform gets you face to face with the Falls. This tour includes a 30-minute stay at the Falls. You may enhance your tour for $50 per person to include a savory picnic lunch and 1 hour stay to explore the surrounding park.