Frequently Asked Questions

How much baggage am I allowed to take with me?
On our scheduled service, our baggage allowance is 35 lbs (~16 kg) per paying passenger. An additional fee will be charged for any excess baggage. Our chartered flights allow more baggage allowance flexibility, depending on aircraft size.
*Seair does offer free baggage storage if you'd like to leave your extra luggage at one of our terminals.
Can I send packages via Seair?
Yes, on our scheduled routes, our freight rates are as follows:
  • envelopes                         $10 + 5% GST
  • parcels 1 to 20 lbs            $20 + 5% GST
  • parcels 21 to 30lbs           $30 + 5% GST
  • parcels over 30lbs            $30 + $1.00/lb + 5% GST
What are Seair's Terms and conditions for shipping freight?
Our terms and conditions are as follows:
  • Seair reserves the right to verify the contents of cargo presented for shipping.
  • Third parties dropping off cargo are required to know the contents of all packages they are presenting to have shipped.
  • Seair does not ship Dangerous Goods. If you are unsure about an item, please ask our staff.
  • Seair reserves the right to deny the shipment of any cargo.
  • Photo ID is required by the Consignee for pick-up of cargo.
Does Seair offer Unaccompanied Minor Fares and Children fares?
On our scheduled service, the following applies:
  • Infants (0-23 months) are free. Please advise the customer service agent if you are travelling with an infant.
  • Children 2 - 11 years are half fare when traveling with an adult
  • Unaccompanied Minors can travel on Seair flights and must be between ages 6yrs to 11yrs. Reservations can be booked via telephone or online. When booking online, select the "adult fare" option and once the reservation is confirmed, please call our reservations line to advise that the booking is for an Unaccompanied Minor. Upon check-in, the guardian will be required to complete our Unaccompanied Minor Form.
Does Seair offer Student or Senior fares?
Yes, if you are a student or senior, you must make your reservation via telephone only and we offer the following fares:
  • Students receive 30% discount off a full fare ticket on any of our scheduled routes. You must be attending a Canadian University or College and have school Photo ID (must have valid month/year expiration date). This discounted fare is a confirmed seat and cannot be combined with any other discount. Note: we do not offer student stand by fares.
  • Seniors receive 10% discount off a full fare ticket on any of our scheduled routes. You must be 65 years of age or older with valid photo identification. This discounted fare is a confirmed seat and cannot be combined with any other discount. Note: we do not offer senior stand by fares.
Please click here for Seair's student and senior fares.
Can my dog or cat travel with me?
Yes special arrangements can be made to accommodate the travel of most pets. Please click here for Seair's pet policies. If you have any questions, please contact a customer service agent at 1-800-447-3247.
Where do I leave my vehicle when flying with Seair?
You may park your vehicle at our Richmond (YVR) or Nanaimo Seair Seaplanes terminals for free for up to five days (based on availability). Each additional day is $5 (plus 5% GST) in YVR/Richmond and $6 (plus 5% GST) in Nanaimo.  **Please note:  The Nanaimo terminal parking lot is not accessible from 6:30pm to 06:30am. 
Pay parking is available at the Downtown Vancouver Harbour terminal. 
Is there a shuttle bus that I can catch to Vancouver International Airport?
Yes, upon arrival at our Richmond (YVR) terminal, Seair passengers can board a complimentary shuttle service to the South Terminal, or the Main Terminal (YVR International) as well as the Canada Line Skytrain station.  However, restrictions prohibit us from picking up customers from the Main terminal, therefore, we can only provide a one-way shuttle service.
Do I have to make an advance booking with you, or can I just show up for a flight?
We require advance bookings as our scheduled service routes only make stops as needed.
What are the check-in & cancellation policies?
Changes and Cancellations can be made by calling Reservations at 1-800-447-3247. Tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable within 12 hours for the Gulf Island routes and within 3 hours for both Nanaimo routes. Customers who do not show up for their flight will forfeit the fare paid and the return flight, if applicable, will automatically be cancelled.  Check-in time is 30 minutes prior to flight. All guests must have Government issued photo ID. Boarding will commence 10 minutes prior to flight time.
Do your seaplanes fly 24 hours a day?
No. Seaplanes are only capable of flying during daylight hours, which is why our scheduled flight hours vary from summer to winter months.
Can I purchase gift certificates for Seair flights?
Yes, please contact one of our customer service agents, at any of our terminals, for details.
How can I save money on your flights?
There are several ways to save on Seair flights. The first is by purchasing a frequent flyer prepaid package of tickets. Each package option includes a specified quantity of free tickets. The second way is by purchasing your tickets online. We have a discount of $5.00 per flight on full fare tickets booked online. We also have Super Saver Webfares and Last Minute Deals on select flights that will save you even more!