If your destination has water and there is room to land, Seair Seaplanes will fly you to wherever you want to go.

Seair Seaplanes flies more charters than any other seaplane company in Vancouver. With its executive-class appointments, the fleet is the most modern and best-equipped of any float plane company in North America. On average, our pilots have more than 10,500 hours seaplane experience each and know the lakes, rivers and oceans of BC and the surrounding areas like few others.

For over 25 years, Seair Seaplanes has been specializing in flying charters all over British Columbia and into the USA. Whether you are travelling to a remote work camp, wanting to go fishing for a few days, sightseeing or need to get to your property, Seair provides you with professional and personalized service.
Frequented destinations to the United States include Downtown Seattle (Lake Union), Friday Harbor, Port Angeles and the San Juan Islands.

Booking your charter is as simple as calling us at 1-800-447-3247.